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MINUTES TO MILLIONS By Author Pranav Pravin

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Quick overview

How To Stop Working For Money & Make Money Work For You

Minutes to Millions

People work day in and out hoping to become rich one day, and very few succeed.  Most of them often struggle to manage the money; they always keep working for money and don’t have any even after years of hard work. They lack the technique to attract, save and maximize the money. They are often looking for someone to help or lend them money.

People often think one can be rich only by luck, and fail to understand that one needs to cultivate the rich mind-set and the right system that can make him rich and wealthy

Today many of us earn a decent amount of money and still have huge debts to pay. They have no idea what has happened to their money. Either they struggle to save or struggle because they don’t save.For Many, Money management has become just a wish that does not come true. 

Every individual needs a proven system to manage and maximize the money:

  • To develop habit to become a Millionaire
  • To develop the rich mind-set that can manage the money and wealth
  • Solve the real Root cause that makes people broke
  • Manage income and expenses to spend and alsoAchievefinancial goals

Learn How To . . .

  • Learn to create the mind-set of millionaires
  • Learn a System to manage the money that can allow you to Balance between income and expenses
  • Learn to manage your money to work for you and make you richer
  • Learn Money management techniques
  • Learn the different way of passive income
  • How rich people think and align themselves to attract more riches
  • A simple, powerful and everyday easy to follow system that can make you a millionaire



Book Blurb 

Financial Freedom with ease, comfort and continual success is what every one likes to achieve, but most people struggle,, while few others seem to experience actual financial success. 

The common reason why people are in financial burden is because they are not aware about the secrets and laws about Money. Proper understanding of  these Laws can help you work on your beliefs about money and wealth to achieve better results 

Millionaires have become what they are, as they understand the simple laws that govern money and wealth. They take actions based on those laws that build the wealth. By learning the principles and following same actions of millionaires, can one ensure to achieve the financial freedom? 

Yes!, it does. You have probably heard the saying, “Wisdom often brings enduring wealth “, The proper knowledge about money and application can bring you everlasting wealth.


In this book you will: 

  • Understand how to develop habits to become a Millionaire.
  • Discover the rich mind-set that can manage the money and wealth.
  • Find and Solve the real Root cause that make people broke.
  • Manage income and expenses to spend and also achieve financial goals through simple and powerful Money management techniques.
  • Discover the ways to make your money work for you though passive income.
  • Equip yourself with simple, powerful and everyday easy to follow system that can make you a millionaire.


It does not matter where you are and what your financial life is right now. You still have a chance to change the course of your financial journey and attain the desired financial Destiny. 

Includes Interviews with 10 Inspiring people who have charted their financial success in their own terms.

Author Bio

Pranav Pravin is an Author, Trainer and Coach who lives in Chennai. He is committed to help people to accelerate their potential into results and is passionate about trainings. Over the last decade, Pravin has impacted over tens of thousands of people through his Training and coaching engagements.It is his mission to share the best money management practices followed by rich and wealthy to the world, which helped him author the book  Minutes to Millions . Visit to find out more.



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